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Thank God its Friday!!

^TGIF indeed!!!!

Today we had a substitute in math named Mr.M I don't know what the M stands for I think he stood in for my social studies teacher Ms.Stewart one day we were doing a reveiw for measurement I had come to class late haha mom and I overslept last night so I got a late slip when I got to school and Ms.Witkowski had her science class in and my class had walked to Math anyway in class everyone was loud and nuts it was soooo funny Mr.M had to tell us like 3 times to be quiet and one person was out of their seat when they weren't supposed to and he said "Sit down" and then they fell on the floor probably on purpose and then Mr.M said "not fall down" haha and being the blonde that I am I laughed hehe and nothing worth talking about happened in social studies and then after that we went back to Ms.Witkowski's room and had health (ms.witkowski teaches health most fridays and teaches science monday-thursday and i think sometimes on fridays) I can't talk about what happened we had a free discussion on something and what we talked about isn't to leave the school its so stay in the classroom and a kid from her class last year was suspended because they talked about the health topic at lunch.After that we watched a DVD that Ms.Witkowski made for her mother as a christmas present it was soooo cool it had pictures of her neices (we met one of them I beleive her name is Mary)She was supposed to decide a 4th person to take to see the Lion King on broadway and the song playing was "The Circle of Life" (I love that song) and after that we watched Harry Potter and the Sorcorer's stone.I was just watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.



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Jan. 28th, 2006 02:07 am (UTC)
I love it and I don't think it stood for Mr.Math he said his name when he stood in for Ms.Stewart I probably just forgot it.

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